You heard right, Oathbangers, we’re releasing our 10th album “Twelve Bells” on May 12th of this year. We wrote and recorded 10 brand new songs between June- October last summer and now the album release date is official. “Twelve Bells” will be distributed in the USA through Caroline; in Canada through Universal; and in Europe through eOne. It will be available as a CD digipack with lyric booklet, deluxe vinyl LP, and digital download. It will also be available on all of the streaming services on day of release. iTunes pre-order with TWO instant gratification tracks goes up April 28th if you just cannot wait that long.

Once again, we tracked and mixed all 60 minutes of music at Rob’s studio Angel Thorne. “This is the sixth album we’ve done entirely at my place, and I always strive for something different in the production each time,” says Thorne. “The album is a 180 from ‘Ravensong’(2015) – it hits a lot harder up front. Lots of drums and raw guitars.”

Stylistically, you can all expect more traditional, old-school metal from us. It’s what we do best.

Track listing is as follows:

1. New Religion 6:24

2. Twelve Bells 5:45

3. Fighter’s Heart 4:37

4. Bionic 6:48

5. Never and Forevermore 5:11

6. Demon Ize 3:58

7. Well of Souls 8:07

8. Eat the Young 5:24

9. No Man’s Land 5:12

10. The Last Word 9:02

We’re planning to release snippets of material from “Twelve Bells” online before the release date so keep your eyes and ears peeled.