We’re happy to announce that A Crystal Revision is back in print after being unavailable since 2009. This recording was made in 1998, a full ten years after the original A Crystal Vision was officially released on Mercenary Records. By 1989, the band had essentially broken apart and not played together at all. But in 1998, at the request of Sentinel Steel Records, Rob Thorne, Pete Altieri, and Kenny Evans, along with Todd Rose (Soundscape/guitar), came together for a two week period and RErecorded the classic debut plus 2 bonus tracks “The End” and “The Invocation”. The result was what has come to be regarded as the HEAVIEST Sacred Oath album of them all – A Crystal Revision. There are many things that make this new addition a must-have. It features original artwork by drummer Kenny Evans on the cover. It includes 2 fantastic “additional” tracks. But best of all, it is a snapshot of March/April 1998 when Rob Thorne, Pete Altieri, and Kenny Evans came together for the first time in 10 years to make music together in true Sacred Oath fashion.

Caroline/Universal is distributing for Angel Thorne Music on this and all Sacred Oath titles, so be sure to ask for it at your favorite record store, or contact the band directly for a special offer on signed copies!