A fifth member – Damiano Christian – has been added to Sacred Oath’s roster for this tour. Damiano is an 18 year-old guitar and piano prodigy from Middletown Connecticut who will be playing rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards, and singing background vocals during the band’s set at each show on the tour.

“One of the conversations we were having in the studio this time around was that wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play all the music on this tour,” says Rob on the addition of a fifth touring member. “There were always missing elements in past live shows – third harmonies, backing vocals, keyboard parts – and we thought it would be fun this time around to try and do it all. Rehearsals with Damiano have been exciting and we’re all convinced this is a great way to go. He’s a super-talent and already working at a pro level. Sacred Oath fans can really look forward to an awesome experience in 2017.”

The band expects to do at least 20 US dates in support of their newest album “Twelve Bells” being released May 12th.